Tidied up
Tidied up more; saw sections of my floor for the first time in 7 months
Cleared out a bunch of trash
Made apartment presentable
Flattened boxes/cleaned basement
Cleaned the house
Emptied car
I dont get my allowance until I clean my room...
After 10 failed attempts finally managed to clean my apt. Apparently I clean well when Im angry.
Cleaned basement. Its awesome now.
Helped tidy up a bit
Tidied up figure collections
Tidied up a lot
getting all this laundry done
So very much cleaning
laundry (hate hate hate)
Cleaned house
Max cleaning mode
House cleaning.
Housecleaning, motion sensors
Slew the mildew in our shower with bleach, cleaned my watch
All sorts of work on/with the house
Lots of housework.
Cleaned up. Needed it
Being denied my shot at laundry
Still cant do laundry
Take that, laundry-leaving-person! Your clothes are wet atop the dryer! Shirts now clean
Must clean for Trina!
Rediscovered kitchen table
Cleaned/organized laundry room. Huzzah.
Prepared for allergy-ridden friends.
Some cleaning up
Housework, housework, housework
Getting ready for trip to dump
Spring cleaning! (still to much crap though)
Cleaned toilets, threw a lot of things away in dump
Cleaning for House Guest
Housework, including scrubbing shower
cleaned up for the city inspector Friday
Cleaning in preparation for Chris
Dog rolled in poo. Gave dog bath.
Cleaning around the house
Start culling and packing...
Laundry, laundry, laundry. And laundry.
Cleaning the house. Felt good.
Dishes, sweeping, cleaning litter box. Dave is coming home from Walla Walla tonight, and I dont want the house to depress him.
cleaned a litte
House cleaning.
cleasing the abode of the DAMNED... well, maybe a little damned... ok, its not damned at all. i just wanted to be cool... sniff...
cleaned hans - super shiny!
Helped with the cleaning
A few dishes, a little laundry.
Half-assed vacuum. So much cat hair.
Baby cleaning
Sarah cleaned the house and it looks really great.
cleaning up shit
Scrubbed much of the scum out of the bathroom
Cleaned the kitchen and closets; disgusting
Coated the entire living room and kitchen with pet-odor baking soda
My dog hurled grass spit all over the floor. Waaah.
Cleaned some
Cleaned up the old place
Kitchen floor. Ugh.
3 loads of laundry
Took the tree down; initial vacuuming. The dude pointed out all the ornaments we missed.
Cleaned the condo.
Bored at home doing laundry
Started cleaning my room today. Still have so much left to get to but its ok. I was in a good mood.
It has been a long weekend and I have a feeling this coming up week will be so much longer. Hopefully things will calm down by wednesday. Well see though. Im going to clean my room today so I dont have to do it this week.
Tucked all the computer cables away.
Cleaned the basement some.
Long time no see. I just mopped our skanky floor.
The internet is still on. Im about to go and clean up my room for. We have family coming over tomorrow for Easter. Im kinda tired.
Cleaned up for guests
Misc. housework.
More housework; satisfying.
Laundry isnt everything, its the only thing.
Helped clean up the home
Cleaned the place. Getting good at this.
Cleaned up the place
Organized about 6 months of iphoto backlog.
Cleaning the place. I guess this is my job now?
My house is filthy. Cleaning it up.
Cleaned up
Im cleaning my closet. Its so full of junk but the good news is that I can put it all on freecycle.
more cleaning to do today. I got my closet almost done!
Scraped paint off LR window; washed
Cleaned the place. This is my job now.
Clean clean clean
Max cleaning
This is one clean apartment!
Clean clean clean clean
Biogradeable deck treatment found
Test cleaning, upper deck
Its not Sunday until you clean your apartment
Clean clean clean
Clean clean clean clean
Cleaned the kitchen.
Great progress cleaning deck. Power washer helps.
Cleaning up basement. Threw away Apple-sponsored Superbowl seat cushions from 1985.
Did most of the chores myself because the lady is sick
Kate refinished LR floor
Removed 1/3 of deck gunk, phase 1
Clean Up Princess!!
Cleaned everything
Cleanin the house, following Sarahs lead.
Cleaning my desk.
Clean it up, you
Clean up
Oh, cleaning too
Clean clean clean
Tidied the blue plaid room
Cleaning. Elliott helped.
Cleanup woo
sorted mail
removed egg from car -- yay vinegar
decluttered bedroom, dining room
cleared hallway, washed dishes
Many dishes were cleaned.
Cleaned up the house for Ann & Jules return
Massive burst of last-day-of-vacation cleaning.