Cleared inbox, processed paperwork, and other various GTD
Caught up with my GTD and then got some things done
Cleared out inbox, G‘d some T‘s D
Financial planning with Piroko
GTD. Did everything but a bouquet revision.
G‘d some T‘s D
Destroyed email backlog. Roar.
Dealt with DOL while walking dog.
Emptied inbox, caught up with budget
All sorts of crazy stuff
G‘d some T‘s D
I was all \"I should do stuff\" so I did.
Did things
Reviewed all projects in OmniFocus
Deposited checks and emptied inbox
Planning thingy
Got my license plate tabs straightened out
Got done a mess of stuff that‘s been haunting me for a while
Down the list, feeling productive.
G‘d some T‘s D
Got the dang social security card thing taken care of
Got some things done
So much getting things done
Went down a list doing things rule for Bacn
GTD: Cleaning up e-mail, organizing my desktop
G‘ing epic amounts of T‘s D
Catching up with OmniFocus
Got my OmniFocus overdue blob down to 8 items!
Getting things done
Collected four Declarations of Smelliness! Sometimes life feels like a video game.
Gettin‘ done some important stuff for our apartment case
Gettin‘ done some more stuff, including mailing a certified letter >:O
Went to see run-down old apartment, researched more apartments
Contacting tons of potential apartments
Put a hold on an apartment, thinking it is prelly awesome
Saw several apartments. Did not like them.
Withdrew application to crappy apartment
Disheartenedly looked for more apartments
Used OmniOutliner to record exactly what issues I‘m having with my code. I can do this. I can do this.
Getting many things done
Getting things in order for our battle
Went \"downtown\" to file some \"paperwork\"
So many T‘s G‘ing D
Made a list. Killed it.
I need to learn more about event flow/propagation
Sarah and I set goals for the day. We both met them, but Sarah exceeded hers too.
Now that OmniFocus is done, actually started catching up with my own OmniFocus library
Got my OmniFocus down to 11 overdue items
Got stuff ready to go for first day in new job.
Did some stuffs
Ordered DirecTV and found a new eye doctor
Got OmniFocus inbox to zero for the first time since Macworld
Got a lot done, including the jeans-related tasks that have been weighing me down for almost a year: repatched my Sacred Blues and photographed the Kasils that don‘t fit for eventual eBaying.
*Still* can‘t decide who to caucus for. This hour, I think I want Clinton to be Obama‘s Cheney.
Paid 800 bills and now I‘m poor.
Catching up, reviewing, completing miscellaneous actions
Went and watched some more small claims cases; took notes
Carefully assembled more notes and documents for case
Went and watched more court cases, restraining order requests this time. Fascinating.
Watching more court cases
Got our documents in order for court tomorrow
Got a bunch of stuff in order.
Planned out weekly schedule template
Did things, I guess
OmniFocus widget makes me do things I have been avoiding for months
Budgeting, checking stuff off
Emptied out inbox
Feeling max productive today; demolished a ton of OmniFocus items
Did my dang taxes
Refinancing student loans.
Got some thingys done
Did a ton of research for the lady‘s brother
Mailed two things to Korea. Had to write a total of sixteen adresses. I don‘t like the post office.
Budgeting. Considering loanshark.
Did some thingies for some people
Getting things back in order now that we‘re back in Seattle.
Geed some Tees Dee
Downtown errands while listening to on iPhone. Feelin‘ fine.
Downtown errands
Hate hate calling companies on the phone
OmniFocus makes my life better. Jott for iPhone acts as the best Inbox there is.
DMV. Thanks to a random stranger giving us his number, we got out in time for the Blue Angels
Catching up with the OmniFocus
I have achieved the badgeless OmniFocus icon.
Emptied out inbox and folder
Catching up.
Annual filing box cleanout
Deposited insurance settlement, got coffee beans, picked up suit.
Went on a rampage with the fantastic OmniFocus.
Trying to beat my OmniFocus into shape
Legendary gray OmniFocus badge GET
Housebuyen planning, OmniFocus catchuppen
OmniFocus helps me figure it all out.
Inbox eleven.
Burst of energy and productivity.
I was like zing zang blam!
Didn‘t really G any Ts D, but I tried.
Got several inboxlike things to zero
Got on top of things.
Went home and did important things for a while