Working on the house.
Put in light in bathroom
Cleaned, got ready to replace the light on the front porch.
Did a bunch of errands and replaced lightbulbs.
Cut hole in sink.
Sink, two mirrors, drywall, downstairs cleaning
Installing sink, cleaning den
Sink installation
Plumber to unclog sewer
Prepared for Thanksgiving
Tried to fix leaky basement
Changed locks
New locks on windows
Chain lock on basement door
Protection against identity theft
Home automation/security software installed
Plumbers cleared out water main
Looking for a place to live in Seattle
New bay window, now with 99.44% less heat transfer.
Utterly failed to get light switched changed
Fixed towlrack, let out a mighty roar.
Installed quarter-roundeds, cursing all the way
Hung up a big mirror
Paid rent and let landlady know about birds in attic and ants.
Built desk.
Struggled mightily to get X10 lights working. Failed.
Built a shoe bench
Set up cable TV; found out that we actually get some good channels
Lots of housework
Built a dang Ikea bed frame thing; it was a pain
Built another dang Ikea bed frame thing
Helped Tom with microwave
Built bookcase
Help Matthew Move
Check out potential new apartment
Drilled and secured boards on 2 Ikea bed frames
Built dresser
Loads and loads and loads of laundry.
Help Matthew move into new apartment.
Built better lock on sliding door.
Bought, loaded, unloaded, carried, and set up two tatamis
laundry- first towels, then clothes
Mudded and caulked bathroom
Looked at two apartments
Inspect new apt.
Built cool hanging trapeeze closet
Fixed kitchen light and (maybe) back yard light.
And the fence latch.
Picked up third tatami
Looked at another apartment; while we were signing the application, someone else called and claimed it
Cleo poured salt all over the floor. In multiple rooms.
So much clothing to fold. A veritable mountain.
My house is a shithole right now, and Im too tired to do anything about it.
So much painting
preparing for painting.
I am a painting god
I got X10/Insteon working! YAY!
Climbed up in Bens hot, hot attic, where I found a bunch of my old stuff, including MY CLAMMBON SHIRT!!
Crawled around in the attic a ton, to find and rearrange stuff Im storing here
Helped Dad attach wood thingies to window; this trip has definitely satisfied my yearly requirement of ladder-climbing
Worked from home for sewer main repair
Primer before painting.
Big crazy construction on house
Big crazy construction on house
Got creative and made a bunch of space in the closet
More creative space-making and stuff-disposal
Set up more home security
Put up some pictures, organized
Went & looked at a townhouse; bedrooms way too small
Looked at a Greenwood apartment; I guess we are moving into it
Built crib with Nate!
Threw junk away with Nate
Built some fruit fly traps; they work
Applied for a duplex; found out Rachael lives in the other half!
Feed devilcats
Cleaning up
Schlepped, unpacked, washed, and organized new dishes from sisters!
Kid-proofed the last couple of cabinets.
Patched a hole in the ceiling from when we installed the microwave and removed the old vent, so we can blow insulation into the attic.
Resumed the Great Insulation Installation Project of 繫06.
Turned on the furnace.
Packed up some boxes for eventual move
Packing for move
Household repairs with super glue
Packed. Weird to think well be gone in 5 days.
Moving in to new apartmento
Packing Fest
New place walkthrough; it smells very bad and the bathroom is filthy
First trip moving stuff into new place
Second trip moving stuff into new place
Third trip moving into new place
Arranged essential items in the one room that doesnt stink; this is our apartment now
Meeting with landlord
Got the carpet sprayed with odor-eating bacteria; fingers are crossed
Now we have cable, and a signed piece of paper that says our apartment smells like pee, signed by the cable guy
Got home too late for trick-or-treaters. House was not TPed.
Fall cleaning.
Drinking coffee, and ignoring the fact that my house is a mess.
Fixed my drain. Rock on.
In Jons cellar, first time in ages. Found the thing.
Kicked my houses ass
Took our first carload of stuff to the new place, which is orders of magnitude better than the old one
Carried one carload and one truckload of stuff to the new place with Andrew
Carried two carloads of stuff to the new place with Andrew
Brought a carload of stuff to Omni
Brought a carload of stuff to the new place
Arranged stuff in our tiny but awesome new home
Putting books in LibraryThing
Tons of apartment rearranging
Tons more apartment arrangement
Internet and a whole bunch of free channels GET
TV is dying. Researching new ones.
Set up our new extended closet area
Bit of reorganizing and rearranging
Had DirecTV installed, by a neer-do-well-looking guy who professed to being a fan of the History Channel. Had him call the office to waive the fee for the stupid $75 tripod.
Assembled table, programmed remote, hid TV cable, et cetera.
Billie spent time with the boy while Meghan and I started hanging more shelving in the laundry room.
spring cleaning
Installed curtains!
Un- and reinstalled curtains
Painted our bedroom wall \"Ledger\"
painted our living room wall \"Dark Fig\"
Cut and removed tape from painted walls. Turned out pretty okay.
Various house activities.
Hung up a complicated curtain wire and some lights
The microwave repair guy gave ours a clean bill of health. Score!
Meghan made better curtains to block out light from the dudes room.
Sarah made better curtains to block out the light in the dudes room. Brainwaves with Meghan.
Called the plumber.
Massive plumbing disaster. Tore up my basement floor after work.
Basement, basement, basement.
More basement.
Completely demolishing the basement.
Tried re-sealing the kitchen faucet.
Spliced a new USB plug onto the ladys tablet
Humidifier is leaking
Leaking humidifier
Troubleshot my newly shot hard drive
Tore apart the dang hard drive
Sink is leaking. Again.
Sink fixed
Put another 1GB of ram in my laptop.
Bath rehab begins
I finally got around to fixing up the car. More to come!
Stained the shelves while listening to Rush. Reminded me of painting doors in Craigs basement.
Got a little table and some chairs from craigslist for the ladys brother
Went to Shibuya to drop off the MacBook Pro
Helped the ladys brother move in
Miscellaneous household stuffs and packing
Dryer wouldnt start
Vent roto-rootered
Failed to get the ladys brothers car open with a screwdriver and a long metal pole
Laid out bathroom in Bell House
Measured all rooms at Bell House
Watched baby as Sarah did all sorts of cool improvements to the house.
Anti-mite strategies
Garage door hinge breaks
Schedule garage door repair
Finished waterproofing the fence
Totally fixed the curtain hangy thing that I tore out of the wall yesterday
Bought and installed strike plates
Fixed bathroom door that wouldnt stay closed
Need a place for the toilet paper holder...
Mailed Davids repaired iPhone etc. to Geneva
Prepared for vacation
Repair of concrete under garage door
Left note for contractor about 3 small items
Roof and gutter work. With safety line.
Inspector found minor problems with furnace work
battened hatches for Hanna
Repaired one of the dudes loaders.
Assembled Jog-a-Dog
Fixed motion sensors on carport and back yard lights.
Bell House bathroom ready for inspection. Probably first week of December.
Decided to combine door-dryer solutions. Took off molding. cut new extension pieces. Knock-down work table worked great.
One step forward, two steps back on dryer door.
New door hardware doesnt fit existing door.
Switch all hardware to match new door. Mount left door. We have clearance.
Plumber replaces washer hose.
Plugged in first \"ultrasonic\" mouse repeller in the cellar. Its faint rapid clicky noise drove me away; well see how it does with the (presumed) mice.
Bailed on the game at the last minute to help with Thanksgiving prep.
Back to usual routine: exercise dogs, errands, chores. Nap unrequited.
Thought of a replacement theory for new items in my house - each time I buy a new thing, I get rid of something. I wonder how feasible this is?
Kate primes new bathroom
Dismantled and remantled our stupid Intermetro shelves
Laundry bifold doors are skewed. And rub the washing machines door.
Took recyclables
Fixed the skew in the laundrys bifold doors
Shut off the outside faucets in anticipation of a cold snap (with snow?) this weekend. Tried to wash my hands afterward; discovered Id shut off water to the whole house. Went back downstairs to turn that back on and the outside faucet off for real this time.
Posted 120 thing into Delicious Library and started selling items on Amazon. Trying to rid house of crap.
Repairdude figured out what was wrong with the dishwasher; now to find the part.
Want to install DTV converter box. While installing 3-prong outlet, sparks fly. Disconnect outlet, killing all wall outlets on the outside wall. Including the Christmas tree.
Washing machine doesnt drain. Except onto the floor, through it and onto the back yard. Plan B: wash laundry in Reston.
Managed to clean dryer vent with nifty shop vac with 15-foot hose
Cut notch in mop board behind the dryer. Able to put it 2 inches farther in.
ordered groceries