Ran to greenlake and played a fun pick-up game.
Played with the guys from work. Almost died.
Went to watch the team I‘ll be playing on. We tied the game in the last \r\nminute!
Kicked the ball around and bought a bunch of soccer equipment.
Practiced with my new cleats. I have two fake moves now!
Practiced soccer moves
More soccer practice. I can do the Maradonna flip move now!
Learned a third move. (a variation of my second move)
First soccer game! In sand. Boo.
Played game, hurt both big toes.
Game in the rain.
Good game, but we lost and I really hurt my ankle.
We lost 3-1 but it was a good game.
We won our soccer game and I injured myself again.
Stupid game. We got a red card.
We won!
We lost, but I had a good game
Stupid game, 0-3
First game of the Season. 10 - 3. DOMINATION STATION BABY!
We won 2 - 1 while playing 3 girls down.
We won again: 6 - 2. I got 2 minute penalty for taking a goal shot that shit a girl above the waste.
8 - 2 vicotry. \"They really took it to us.\"
6-4 Victory! Hella close game.
First of a double header. 8-7 Victory!
Second of Doubleheader 3-5 loss.
Saw a basketball game. It was exciting and the home team won. :D